Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi

Offering Sacred Support & a Sanctum for Self Healing

Customized & Concentrated 1:1 Service to help you Recalibrate

your Inner Strength and Remember Your True Being

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Remote  Healing Packages




Pre-Retreat Menu:


Pre-Retreat Attunement Session


Custom Healing Guidance Session



Post-Retreat Menu:


Post-Retreat Integration Session


Post-Retreat 9oDay Self Love Program











Remote Menu of Services


1:1, High- Touch, Full Presence Sessions


Custom Healing Guidance Session



Life Intention Setting Session



Custom Private Yoga Therapy Session



Anti-Anxiety & Breath Emphasis Session



Breathwork Journey Session



Energy Clearing Session



Insight Cards & Divination Session








Private SessionsFrom Home


90 min. Remote Healing Packages of 4

and Single Sessions:


Choose Either:


Mix-n-Match Sessions

for Variety




A Result Driven

 Progressive Series


Sessions are Generally Scheduled

Between 2pm- 7pm Eastern Time

on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesdays.



Packages are Prioroitized & Scheduling

is locked in with Pre-Payment.



Single Sessions are on a

First Come/First Serve Basis

and are Limited in Scheduling.






Booking & Pricing


Single Sessions & Packages are Pre-Paid.


Cancellations are Non-Reundable

but 100% Transferable

to Reserve Alternative Dates.


 Single Sessions:

$150, Zelle or Venmo

$154, Credit Card


Save $25 off with a 4 Pack:

$125 per session, Zelle or Venmo

$129 per session, Credit Card


A Pack of Sessions does not have an expiration date

and can be scheduled weekly or infrequently. 



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