Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi

Offering Sacred Support & a Sanctum for Self Healing

Customized & Concentrated 1:1 Service to help you Recalibrate

your Inner Strength and Remember Your True Being

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Have your sacrifices lead you into

the entrapment of self neglect?



Have you abandoned

the health of your own body?



Are you ignoring the health

of your own psychology?



Are you numbing the truth

of your own emotional state?



Have you stopped listening

to your Soul?




As a care giver to family & society,
projects and properties,
career & charities, 
visions and intentions,
prayers & creations...



you've labored your love 
& have given so much
of your energy, tears, and blood.



All for the sake of others, 
Or for the sake of surviving, 
Or for the sake of coping.





If you can learn

to lean into the unknown
& be at home 

while still being unearthed, 
this is the process of spiritual evolution.




With your heart as your compass,
all previous learned experiences 
are absorbed into wisdom. 



This new path

empties all of your clinging,
insisting you

to actively Trust the process
of body-mind-spirit alchemy.

Body into Spirit,

You Can Do This.



The Path of Self Healing appears

the moment you practice


and radically accept

your own divinity.



is a lantern in the darkness,

guiding you along

the muddy terrain,

until you reach your Way,

onto new platforms of stability

& higher octaves of ease & grace.



It's time to

transmute and transcend

so You Can Live Again.


Mindsets require motivation, 

while a healing consciousness

is a river of dedication.

It will stream continual blessing

over all paths walked

With Courage.


Do you take

Your Soul,

to love & hold,

to protect & cherish

from this day forward?



Take a leap into Self-Love,

the story of your life

Is Worth It.



All that dwells within the psyche’s shadow

longs to live within light-filled awareness.

Set your soul into your body. 

Embody pure, authentic presence.

When this happens, 

it doesn't matter

what risk & danger surround you-

You Are Safe Within.


Can you create space

to recalibrate?



Can you place yourself a priority

for personal growth?


Can You Learn to Live 

with including your Self 

in the Love you Give?



When you learn to

embrace & honor your divinity

by claiming your worth,

You create a space

for Grace to meet You.


You will need to establish

more than a mindset, 

You will need to embody

 a healing consciousness

to make it out of this.



Sometimes it is necessary

to toss everything

into the purifying fires

and begin a new path,

after the ash.


The grounds are barren,

 the heat is still simmering.

There is nothing left

except the opportunity

to start anew.


But this time, 

you choose to walk the Path 

for the Beauty

and Compassion of  You.



You choose,

to remove the painful residue,
take off your shoes,
& walk the path of self-healing.

Barefoot & faceless
from everything

you thought you were or knew.



This expedition will lead you

to new portals

of possibilities
& doors

that house your destiny.



But first,

foundations you've previously created
to comfort & cope
are guaranteed to dissolve

 into groundlessness
right before your eyes. 





The Path of Self Healing 

is unique

for Every Being.



Life transitioning

from one chapter into another

is a rugged journey

that ultimately must be walked alone,
in order for you to totally own,
every step, every choice, every pause.




Many messengers and mentors,

teachings and epiphanies,

studies and modalities will point The Way,

gifting guidance as you tread forward

Yet It is Only You

who must disrobe self sabotage

and fasten your crown of Soul Sovereignty.