Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi

Offering Sacred Support & a Sanctum for Self Healing

Customized & Concentrated 1:1 Service to help you Recalibrate

your Inner Strength and Remember Your True Being

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initiated by courage:


I first took my vows upon the Path of Self-Love in 1999. I knew that before I could be of service to anyone else, I had to first Serve my Soul. I had to transform enacting out a desperate life into embodying a destined life. 

I was surrounded by toxic relationships & environments as a byproduct of not realizing my worth. My world and all the people in it could only project their own agonies and limited awareness on to me. The lack of positive mirroring & modeling in my very young adult life was a key factor that kept me from feeling, seeing, & knowing my power.

Living a life stifled by the overtone of abuse in every way exasperated my trauma, depression, and chronic anxiety. Psychiatrists would just up mega doses of pills that would cover up my pain, erase my memories, and numb me into  a false sense of comfort. I was ignorant and not educated upon the addictive and ill-will effects of a soon-to-be even darker path. My soul was seeking light-filled, honest guidance. My heart was begging for a strong and resplendent mirror of good oath. My body was yearning to be touched and looked at with love and compassion. My mind was needing clarity and wisdom, not a maneuver to mask the past.

I took the pills to cover the pain. Before I knew it, this dark path lead me into more pain. The psychiatrist had me on such high levels of anti-anxiety medication that I continually got into 14 serious car accidents, many of them life-threatening.

I was a Dance Major in College studying the Isadora Duncan Dance Technique and had to drop out due to severe physical and psycho-emotional setbacks. After repressing my truth, ignoring the message of my heart, and stealing the voice of my Soul again and again, through my daily actions, I then developed auto-immune disorders. My entire Being was screaming at me to stop self- sabotaging & start self-loving.

It was only after nearly everyone that I surrounded my self around died or was sentenced to prison, and too many times that a stranger found me passed out on the street or in some sort of serious danger, that I underwent a total life transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and geographically.

I was pulled by something greater than my self amidst the darkness. I was directing my willpower in appropriate ways. I understood that I was born for a higher purpose than to suffer mindlessly. I sought out a map for self healing and explored and learned many holistic healing therapies to help be that mirror that I needed to find my way home. It was the introduction to the Healing Arts, Meditation, & Esoteric Studies that lead me to dramatically heal & save my life.

Given a second chance to live, I vowed to dedicate my life's Path to deeply awakening into my fullest potential. I knew that the signature of my life could be no other way.

I became intensely devoted to the lifestyle of self-healing and immersed my self in all avenues of training. If I wanted to sustain my benefits and deepen into my own journey, I understood that the last step in healing was to embody the teachings and to pass them on to others still suffering. I wanted to work with all types, ages, levels & needs of people. I desired to share with others what placed me onto a road of Self-Love & Wellbeing.

Since 2001, I have dedicated my life to teaching & providing Holistic Healing Therapies. I was able to transform being a victim of fate into designing a life of destiny because I learned to listen to my intuition and give voice to my Soul. I am the byproduct of Self-Love.


 Standard of Integrity



My Commitment to you:

  • To Be a Healing, Genuine Presence 

     who Aligns to Support Your Deepest Needs


  • To Always Provide Service with Excellence

     and with a goal of Maximal Results


  • To Educate, Empower, & Counsel


  • To Mirror, Trigger, & Activate Your Power


  • To Protect Your Time from Distractions,

     Discord, and Digressing During Sessions


  • To Meet You at the Capacity You Are At


  • To Model Tenacity, Commitment, Integrity, Vulnerability, Authentic Relating, Healthy Boundaries & Standing in Autonomy without Shame or Judgment




Beyond Expertise



comes direct experience:


It is important to express that the depth of the transmission I carry surpasses anything that I could have ever "learned".

It doesn't matter how many diverse & extensive trainings        I have had, what makes my offerings potent and effective is the fact that I have direct experience of successfully transforming a desperate life into a destined life. 

I am a living testimony that holistic healing therapies & inducing a consistent self- healing consciousness can completely transform one's life if you make it a lifestyle!



And Beyond


Your Known,


Comes Spirit



learning to trust intuition:



Advancing faithfully through the stages of expertise and experience is not enough for providing transformative work.

It is critical that one must also have the unbroken ability to connect to Spirit when offering sacred service, as all the knowledge and history will only take you so far.

We must deeply cooperate & collaborate with the Spirit of Guidance, without allowing the spirit of doubt to interfere.

The spirit of doubt comes with heavy chains, clanking to every memory of when we failed & every thought that proves it isn't safe to open up. Doubt will keep us in debt to our lies of worthlessness.


How clearly we see when people subject their power to a vicious loop of self-doubt. It constricts their entire presence, pulling the vacuity of the surrounding space into a tight confinement, who's only mission is to project dead-end stories. We must be steadfast in our spiritual maturity of claiming our soul-sovereignty and exercise masterful levels of learning to trust our intuition. Let's learn to deeply Listen. 

The Path of Self-Love is first about deeply  listening to your body, your breath, your heart, your sex, your mind, your spirit, your wisdom, your soul. Then you will be lead into remembering and realizing the divinity within your Self. Finally, we stop rejecting our selves because we have found the Divine Mother and Holy Father within.The day we start embracing our divinity is the moment we stop rejecting God.

Ultimately we must surrender any manuscript, agenda, or motive and trust in the miraculous unfoldment of Grace.

The Healing Begins when We Soften to Open, 

and Allow Grace to Happen. 


See You Upon The Healing Path,


xox, Rev. Maalika 




Lineages & Transmission



a life dedicated to evolution



  • Ordained in the Chisti Sufi Order since 2001, initiated by Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Training & Ordination in Mysticism, Healing, Ministry, Multi-Cultural Studies & Spirituality, Knighthood of Spiritual Chivalry, Life Transitions, & Death Midwifery. Transmissions representing Unity within Diversity and embodying a virtuous life under the sacred Sufi vows of being a conduit for Love, Harmony, & Beauty. 


  • Graduate of International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta College since 2001, initiated and ordained by Swami Sitaramananda. Training in yoga, ayurveda, vedanta, mantra, meditation, breathwork, selfless service and devotional worship. 


  • Graduate of Integrative Yoga Therapy Institute as a 1500hr Private Yoga Therapist since 2009, certified by Joseph LePage, a pioneering program emphasizing Yoga as a Holistic Healing Art, providing multi-dimensional healing while working with specific conditions to assist clients in reducing ailments & managing life's stressors better. Provided thousands of custom private yoga therapy sessions for specific conditions to date.


  • 2001-2005 Vocational Education: Graduate of International Academy of Aesthetics & Spa, The Yoga Institute Teacher Training, Shiva Rea Prana Vinyasa Yoga & Trance Dance Teacher Training, The Method Classical Pilates Teacher Training, and The Pilates Institute of America Teacher Training. Reiki, Pranic Healing, & Energy Medicine Attunement, and year's of extensive training & studies in Kundalini, Anusara, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Somatic Therapy, and Children's Yoga with many experts in the Healing Arts Industry. 


  • Ordained Sri Vidya Shakta & Tantra Initiate in Ancient Goddess Worship & Women's Empowerment since 2008, ordained by Amritananda Natha Saraswati. Trained in Divine Feminine practices, Rites of Passage Ceremonies, Mysticism, Healing Rituals, Living Goddess Activations & Empowerments to master one's destiny. 


  • Ordained Medicine Buddha Initiate since 2013, by Kadampa Meditation Center. Empowerments to alleviate suffering, sickness, and injury. The Medicine Buddha is a manifestation of Shakyamuni Buddha, who gave medicine teachings to the Fourfold Assembly. He holds a medicine bowl and radiates healing rays of energy to all sentient beings.






a holistic background:


  • Ordained Universal Minister for All Faiths

   & Ordained Women's Empowerment Guide


  • Ordained Advanced Spiritual Caregiver for Life Transitions Ordained Death Midwife


  • Licensed Esthetician & 

       Holistic Healing Therapies Provider 


  • Ordained Sufi Healing Conductor,

     Reiki, and Energy Medicine Practitioner 


  • Clinical Care Trauma Professional &                               Art Therapies Practitioner Certified


  • Private Integrative Yoga Therapist 

     with strong emphasis on Psycho-Spirituality  


  • Multi-Certified: Yoga Teaching, Breathwork, Meditation, Mysticism, Self-Awareness, 

       and Stress Management


  • Multi-Certified Pilates TeacherFItness Group Instructor: Ballet Barre, Dance, Strength, Aerobics


  • Hospitality Gold Standard Training by The Ritz Carlton


Personal Joys:


  • Certified FloristCertified Trance Dance Facilitator, & Student of Isadora Duncan Dance Educator Program 



Why Work with Me?



Rev. Maalika-shay devidasi,

sacred supporter


At depth, I help people recalibrate their psycho-emotional resiliency, reclaim their adequacy, & remember their authenticity.


In light, I create serene & nurturing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual spaces for people to reconnect to the truth of them selves.


I enliven the 6 senses, utilize holistic healing arts, & integrate nature and nurturing in every retreat.


I have dedicated my life's devotion to Sacred Service for the last 21 years combining Healing Ministries, Healing Arts, Divine Feminine Practices, & a Self Love Lifestyle. 


Although I've been trained & initiated from several spiritual lineages, I conceal distinct representation, & rather support & align with your unique spiritual ideal to best assist you.


I educate Self-Healing practices & minister the Path of self-love, self-integrity, & tenacity.