Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi

Offering Sacred Support & a Sanctum for Self Healing

Customized & Concentrated 1:1 Service to help you Recalibrate

your Inner Strength and Remember Your True Being

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Accommodation Options



the garden nest bungalow:


A 10x10 private bungalow with double-opening french doors & surrounding large windows nestled amongst trees in a private garden. Your stay comes with a fully equipped kitchen in the main residence for your exclusive & private use. Additionally, your room can be customized to provide a cappuccino frother, microwave, toaster & blender for convenience upon request. The garden nest has a twin bed with a  small multi-functional desk, Alexa Echo speaker, a small self- heal library, under-bed storage, mini fridge, & Keurig. There is a private outdoor wrap-around deck with solo dining & seating and a outdoor convenience sink. The bungalow is located near the cold therapy shower oasis. A detached private restroom with shower and a personal closet is located in the main residence.


The Grounds



A Suburban oasis:


Nestled in the heart of midtown, Maalika has created a private environment where tropical and dense greenery overlap and encompass the property. She planted over $80,000 worth of plants within a 2200sq ft. space for the retreaters pleasure! 



the beauty of solo retreating:


The presence, detailed service, & customization you will receive is incomparable to group retreats.This high-touch, 1:1 undivided support places your deepest core Psycho-Spiritual needs a key priority, maximizing healing results. Honor this time to be in your own autonomy to process and heal at the level of the Spirit.



Nourishing Perks



 to welcome ease and grace into your stay:




A Self Love Program



Request a short stay or long stay overview for complete details on:


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  • What's Included In Each Distinct Package


  • The Retreat Agenda


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Self-Care Focused Amenities 

Solo Turnkey Vacation Rental with Private Gardens & Relaxation Nooks

Undivided 1:1 Custom Support &  Solo Retreat Facilitation from 10:30AM - 830PM, Daily

Memory Foam Beds & Therapeutic Pillows + Luxury Linens & Terry

Wifi, Writing Desk, Office Supplies + Private Echo Alexa, Music, & Bluetooth

Stocked Coffee/Teas/Sparkling Water/Reverse Osmosis Water + Floristry & Decor

Room Keurig, Mini-Fridge, Convection Oven, Microwave, Cappuccino Frother

Private Fully Equipped Kitchen

Stocked Toiletries & Essentials + Robe, Slippers, Silk Sleep Mask

Stocked Room Essential Oils, Diffuser/Wax Melt, + White Noise Machine

Stocked Expressive Art Therapy Supplies & Anti-Stress Coloring Books

Self-Heal Room Library, Book Bed-Light, Room Alexa Echo & Meditation Music

Foot Massager, Holistic Vibratory Machines, Anti-Anxiety Blanket

Outdoor Garden Shower Cold Therapy Oasis

Pool Access to Members Only Neighborhood Pool (Open March-October)

Women's Cruiser Bicycle with Basket

Beach Towels, Bag, Sunscreen, Blanket, & Chair

Housekeeping Service: Deep Clean upon Arrival & Departure

Other Luxurious Comforts to Self-Soothe & Emotionally Regulate

 Solo Healing Retreat Packages



Accommodation Options:



the suite retreat room:


Attached Turnkey Ensuite with Private Entrance in main residence & attached private restroom. Private garden view with private outdoor living space & porch. Your stay comes with a fully equipped kitchen for your exclusive & private use. Additionally, your room has a convection oven, mini fridge, microwave, tea kettle, keurig, & small food prep station for convenience. Walk-In Closet, Writing Desk, King Bed, Smart TV. Laundry on-site.

Short Stays


are solo retreat intensives.

choose from 2, 3, or 4 night packages.


Short Stays are concentrated pockets of time devoted to self-healing & the art of prioritizing your well-being. They allow you the opportunity to bring your external focus to a halt and take self-inventory on the truth of the matter. Revise your intentions and create momentum towards who you want to be & how you choose to live.


Short Stays are perfect for those that need a nurturing short break and a boost of support. Once your retreat is complete it is your responsibility to integrate your experience at home for sustaining effects. Integration is key in the healing process. Some guests book 2 short stay retreats annually to enforce self-care consistency.


text 941.321.5258 to request

a short stay overview & pricelist.

all retreat packages include:

Long Stays



solo healing immersions.

choose from 3 or 4 week packages.


Immersions are for those seeking a life-shifting transformation. Long Stays provide momentum in true recalibration and support building new habits & behavioral change.

Create space to rewire neurological pathways & heal the heart. Time is needed to decompress from chronic stress, process the events of life, unlearn limiting beliefs, establish a regime of self love, & revive hope into the Spirit.

Integration days are incorporated weekly to allow for healing assimilation, deep rest, ocean time & excursions. This retreat rhythm allows for a slower, more authentic unfoldment & best supports those processing a life transition.


text 941.321.5258 to request

a short stay overview & pricelist.




Sanctum of Self-Healing



What to expect:


You are provided concentrated time to turn inward focus on you, space to get clearer on that next best step for your highest wellbeing and practice loving your self unapologetically.


You are encouraged to jump into the truth & fire of your inner being by placing your self a priority beyond your care-giving tendencies to everyone & everything outside of your self.

Private Retreats are a safe and grounded space free of distraction to process emotions, learn self-healing tools, & strengthen personal growth.


it's time to place your self-care a priority. your life is worth it.  



1:1 Concentrated Setting



Retreat Focus:


Carve out time to focus on what matters most to your Soul while receiving undivided, facilitated support.

Receive nurturing in exclusive ways to help you recalibrate away from self-sabotage and back into a healing consciousness.

Maalika specializes in Life Transitions and serves in a 1 :1 setting to prioritize your healing for accelerated results.

The environment is a sanctum for self-healing that masterfully delivers beauty, depth, and intent whily strictly catering to Solo Stays to maximize the impact of custom & individualized healing.


your focus here is based on

self-love and soul care.




High - Touch


& Customized



Venue & Location:


The Breathing Space Wellness House is privately held in an exclusive environment, By Reservation Only. Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi founded this sanctum for self-healing that has housed hundreds of Self Love Programs, Stress Management Courses, & various types of retreats since it was established on Jan 28, 2011.

This venue was designed to provide transformational, holistic healing care to guests in a concentrated format with  a luxuriously feminine & nurturing touch.

The Wellness House is centrally located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida. We are nestled in a suburban neighborhood within a 7 min drive to the Marina and Downtown. Siesta Beach is just a 15 min drive away.


We do not cater to those seeking single sessions, day events, groups, or tours.  All Services & Holistic Healing Therapies are exclusive to individuals booking a minimum of a 2 Night Solo Healing Retreat to a maximum of a 4 Week Solo Healing Immersion.

We are strictly committed to serving high-touch, 1:1, Custom Solo Healing Retreats Only.